No 8 Shave Oil - The closest shave you will ever experience.

No 8 Shave Oil is an oil that replaces your shaving cream or gel. You’re probably wondering “Why would I want to use an oil to shave?”. In this short video I’ll explain why shaving with an oil will change your shaving experience for ever.

First lets talk about your blades. When men started shaving many years ago a single blade was used. Today some razors are made with as many as five blades. The razors are getting more expensive but they don’t last any longer and are you really getting a better shave with more blades? How many blades do you really need to shave your face? Getting a great shave doesn’t require more blades, it requires a better shaving surface.

So lets talk shaving creams, lotions, gels and even soaps. Products like these have one purpose in shaving. Making the surface slick so the razor can glide across your skin with out nicking, cutting or causing razor burn. Creams and gels often have alcohol in them which will actually dry the skin.  Lotions and soaps lose their slickness rather quickly. The razor blade companies are very aware that these products do not provide a smooth slick surface.  Think about it… why would your razor blade need one those white lubricating strips if your shaving product was doing its job?

No. 8 Shave Oil is a blend of 8 pure, natural essential oils. These oils were selected based on their unique lubricating and moisturizing properties.

To Shave all you need is 5 drops of this oil for your entire face.  First you wet your face with warm water.  Then smooth on the 5 drops of oil over the entire shaving area.  Wait a few seconds and then rewet the face and begin to shave. When you rewet the face the oil creates a slick surface that your razor will glide across. The unique blend of oils soften the corse hairs so they are easily cut buy the blades. While you are shaving if you experience any razor drag you simply rewet your face and the surface becomes slick again.

When you’re done you can simply towel dry your face.  The oils will keep your skin soft, cool and moist without leaving it dry or oily.  Shaving with No. 8 Shave Oil is a unique experience.  Try it three three shaves in a row and we guarantee you will never go back to your old shaving routine.

A small 1oz bottle will last you up to 30 shaves and our 4oz Reserve Oil Tank is a 4 month supply. Try No. 8 shave Oil and shaving will never feel like this again.